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You know how I know I'm the biggest sap on the planet?

Because these two are my favorite couple of all time.

I've seen Pride and Prejudice, the 2005 Keira Knightly version, like a million times. It's one of my favorite movies.
And the BBC miniseries with Colin Firth, I've watched a bunch more times than that. And, on top of all that, I've read the book like a million more times. So yeah, I guess you could say I LOVE Pride and Prejudice.
You just can't beat their love story. It's one of the classics, right after Romeo and good ol' Jules. Boy falls for girl, girl falls for boy, they both hate each other, they both love each other. Classic.
It also helps that Lizzy Bennet is a witty, sharp-tongued HBIC, while Mr. Darcy is an upstanding fellow who likes a smart lady and looks really great diving into a lake (Colin Firth <3).
No matter how many times (or in what form) I re-live their love story, I never get over the romance of it.

I mean, how many times have you fell in love with someone you shouldn't have, agonized over a crush, lost all hope of being with them, and then – it all works out?

The real debate isn't whether this is an awesome love story. Pride and Prejudice fans more often prefer to debate who was the better Lizzy and the better Darcy.
There's Keira Knightly, who's simply gorgeous. I love looking at her. And she gave Lizzy some real sass.
Then there's Jennifer Ehle (scroll), who no one really talks about. I mean, she was fine. In my mind, the better Lizzy is pretty clear.
But Darcy is harder.
No one, I repeat NO ONE, can beat Matthew Macfayden's inimitable puppy dog eyes. He's such an adorably forlorn Mr. Darcy, pining away after his Elizabeth.
But then Colin Firth... is Colin Firth. His Darcy is so much sexier. And the lake scene, people. THE SCENE SO AMAZING THAT ENGLAND HAS A STATUE OF IT (Scroll).

Do you like Pride and Prejudice as much as I do?

Who's your favorite Darcy and Elizabeth?

Looking forward to hearing your opinions, love bugs!! <3
P.S. I just rewatched the 2005 film and it was JUST AS AMAZING AS EVER. So I highly recommend you break it out and enjoy some delightful 19th century romance this evening.
The 2005 versión is one of my favorite movies. I'm just like my mom when I watch it: screaming at the screen, crying and saying "you idiot, Lizzy loves you, don't go away dummy". Yup. that's me every time I watch it :-D
I absolutely love love love Pride and Prejudice, and the 2005 one is my favorite. I fell in love with Matthew Macfayden as Mr. Darcy.
2005 version with Keira Knightley is definitely my favorite, I've seen it like a bajillion times
Hahahaha. You are a daydreamer, though :) @ButterflyBlu I can see it!
@AlloBaber *gasp* you should have tagged me!! I DO love them! You know me so well! <3 <3 <3 Oh I am the same way! I look for art and watch different interpretations, even the awful ones. Lol. It's all about being immersed in that story, seeing things I haven't seen or heard before. It's one of the reasons I love literature as much as I do. My friend calls me his "daydreamer". Lol. It's true, though. I can't deny it.
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