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This is Vin, a cat from Iowa who (due to heath problems) lost the lower-half of his back legs. Vin is a kitty though! He loves to walk and get around and he loves his independence.
The University of Iowa had a solution to help this kitty though, to give him the ability to walk again. This time with bionic legs.
The bionic legs were surgically added into his already-existing back leg bones. So the cat doesn't have to worry about added straps or holds on his leg, and can easily move with them on.
We've seen humans use prosthetic legs before but this is one of the rare opportunities we have to see a kitty cat walk with them. With the advancements in 3D printing vets all over the world can make and create these from our feline friends. The surgery is tricky, but Vincent is one strong kitty.


(I'm one of you now too, so you may now step forward.)

Who thinks this little guy is the cutest thing to walk on two cat legs/two prothetic legs?

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I have no doubt that they'd get along, and probably have a LOT to talk about. My bro gets to work with the Air Force a lot because they all work together on projects out on Edwards AFB. (The AF and Nasa.) There's no telling what kind of technology they know about, really. He always tells me a lot but, with his clearance, I know there is a ton that he can't tell me. He is a Great brother, though! He's the best. All of my brothers are amazing with Levi, too. It's adorable. <3 @nicolejb
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Awww I actually can't wait until my bro has kids and I can be the FUN AUNT! haha that's all I've wanted to be for a long time now... lol @ButterflyBlu
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@nicolejb OMG HE'S BEAUTIFUL. :'D I love this 馃榾
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Me too :) @Luci546 I thought of you when I saw this story! :)
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