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I love, loving things. I'm pretty sure I said that before. But I really love when two things I love end up coming together in an uncommon way. In this case, it's Notorious B.I.G and the Star Wars soundtrack. It's something that you really just need to listen to instead of read a bunch of words about how awesome it sounds.
Life After Death Star comes to us from Richie Branson and Solar Slim. They both have a diverse portfolio when it comes to what they've produced and created. It's one of my favorite mash-up albums I've heard in recent history (even though that Weezer and Kayne mash-up album was pretty good, too).
I skimmed through the album and there are 3 that stand-out in my head as my favorites.
The first one is Dead Wrong. They way Branson and Slim mixed the Empire's March theme to this song astounds me. I don't know why someone hasn't done this sooner but I guess with all the hype around Star Wars: The Force Awakens (since it's coming out in two weeks), people have been feeling particularly more inspired than they usually are.
The beat used in Party N' Bullshit is so fitting, I don't know what else to say about it. The Mos Eisely Cantina song got turned into something that's cool to listen to after Branson and Slim got their hands all over it. In all my years as a nerd/hip-hop enthusiast, I never thought I'd hear this theme become something I'd want to play in the car as I drive around town.
The Ten Crack Commandments on this album is something that gives me all kinds of feelings. I remember hearing this song play through the door of my brothers bedroom while I watched and rewatched Star Wars in the living room. Listening to this song was almost like my life had finally gone full circle. It reminded me of my brother listening to music in his room and me, finding solace in Star Wars the way I usually did.
It's like the universe knew that one day I'd need Biggie and Star Wars together in an amazing mash-up matrimony. It's definitely a track that I'm going to end up blasting in my car on the way to and from work.
If you liked any of these songs and want more, you can download the full album here. I bet that Hip-Hop Stormtrooper is all over this.