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Now I totally did not intend to do this, I was going to do the other list and just leave it at that. But then I got to thinking and maybe those you care about would want an honorable mention as well. So why not? Here's a few games for those you love (and if you haven't played these yourself, well there's an idea).
1. The Mass Effect Trilogy
These games are all basically good enough to warrant their own individual places on this list, but that would be tedious and you would all notice my bias to Mass Effect (only my favorite game series [cannot WAIT for the next installment] of all time). Luckily for us, there's a nicely packed collection of all three games available. It's a series that has blessed us for a long time, so there's no real reason why you or a loved one HASN'T played it yet. Since it's the holidays however, I'll forgive your inadequacies just this once and implore you to start your space adventure.
2. For: The One Who Loves Adventure.
2. Epic Mickey
Now, as far as games go, Epic Mickey isn't all that extraordinary. But what it lacks in innovation, it makes up for in charm. The game recalls a simpler time period for those older than us. A time where things were a lot more black and white, where whistles were all we needed for exposition, where steamboats are named and personified as males. The game is an absolute delight that would make a child's (or a parent's [or both really]) day.
For: A Nostalgia Seeking Adult, or Color-Loving Kid.
3. Any Game From The Tales Series
For those who don't know, the Tales series are JRPG's that strive to be a thematic story with replay-ability and likeable characters, versus their linear counterparts full of cardboard cutouts all trying to be the next Cloud Strife (looking at you Lightning). The games have a fun and engaging combat system, a well thought out story, and they're multiplayer so they're fun for a group of anime-loving otaku's like myself. As a connoisseur of the JRPG franchise, I can say that the Tales Series is the only JRPG franchise I come back to and play consistently.
For: The Ensemble of Hardcore Nerds.
4. Until Dawn
I had no intention of playing this game. But one weekend I had nothing to do, money to blow, and a lack of willpower. So there I was at Gamestop, buying a game straight up made by Sony. Sony? Yikes. Cash cow game. This was going to be a grueling experience. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The game does a delightful job of taking building blocks from every successful horror franchise and making a game from that foundation. It never takes itself too seriously, and it's not all that challenging. It's just a game. A game you probably won't touch after you've played it once, but hey that's okay. One and done. Know what? I had a great weekend.
5. Final Fantasy 7 (The Re-Make)
This is it, literally everyone is waiting for this game. The game has been around long enough to establish an insane fan base, and Square Enix has been keeping us waiting long enough to build an unbelievable hype train. Everyone will want to play this game, so you can't go wrong getting it. Get it for someone you love, get it for you, get it for me, seriously get it for me. Please?
Once again, there's no way I got all the good game gift ideas out there, so be sure to share some good ones in the comment section. Hope everyone is eager for their holiday of choice!
ME is pretty great but the third installment was pretty shitty, they should've kept the second installments visuals and gameplay style. Bioware also made KOTOR which is a great series too.
@hikaymm I feel like everyone should 馃槄
I've been trying to sneakily find out if my brother has already somehow ordered his copy of the ff7 remake bc we played that game together growing up, buttttttt I have feeling he already has it lined up XD
@danidee Hey, I am a hardcore gamer and I STILL made time to take a trip the the wonderful world of Disney lol
Epic Mickey looks like something I would play. You're never too old for Mickey games, right?
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