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Hey my Vingle Nakama!!

With November over and December having gotten started, I thought maybe we should try and continue the monthly events we've been doing. We've had Otaku October and Nani November so far.
I was thinking maybe we keep the alliteration going, and I'm tentatively considering Decision December as a name.

What would Decision December be like?

Well I'm thinking of trying to do, like, a bracketed tournament style thing with VS Battles between popular characters. I've done a handful in my VS Battle collection, and I think for the most part we all like debating who we think'd win in various matchups.
So, why not put it into a tourney?

These are the VS battles I've done so far, so I don't think I'd want to re-use them for Decision December.

The winners were:
Kenshin v Rin - Kenshin
Ryohei v Ippo - Ryohei
Gray v Hitsugaya - Hitsugaya
Ichigo v Guts - Ichigo (was a re-do after it was determined that Kirito was a terrible matchup)
I was thinking of trying to do like, a 12-man bracket. 6 good guys, 6 bad guys. It could be liek the 12 Days of Christmas, anime style.
Then we could all come together as a community and vote the winners to the top, for the battle that we as a community have decide to be the real kicker.
This isn't something planned with a giveaway or anything, just something fun I thought we could do together!
Anyone interested/wanna help out?
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16 man bracket would be better since someone will have a freebie and won't have to fight unless 2 fighters both died of total annihilation.
@Fmoney yeah but think also about the man-hours to do it all!
@VinMcCarthy I understand that but someone will have to go to the finals without fighting in the semi's
you could do it like the basketball league bracket setup, but it would have to be more than 12 to work I think