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OK so I was making a card of my own theory when I say let me read the words I seen it it not just run I need u and the prologues no it why more . army we just been looking at videos not song with no video. they give many hints in more stuff if u want to know u have to read it a long long long card but it will help I can add video just pics so I'll do my best I will do 2 things I'll do my best to keep up but I'm making this card a 2or 3 parted oh and tag as many ppl u want I don't know how yet
here r all the songs that has to do with it not in order house of card run I need u butterfly the prologues dead leaves ma city nevermind fun boys I'll post more later
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NO NAMJOON NO! anyhoo I would like to join in and idk care how long it is all I know is I will just read so it dont really matter to me
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I will just give me time please I have a lot if hw and I work also I writing it in a book first so it be easy to tell everyone
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