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My apologies everyone!!!

I promised something I could not deliver. I said that the winner of the caption contest would be announced today but I haven't been able to get all of your entries together! I'm so sorry everyone. It's been a funky week :(
There is good news though...

It means there's more time!!!

That's right! If you were planning on doing an entry there's still time to make one! And if you're still trying to get comments on the entry you already made here's your chance!
Check out the entries by
Obviously they're all winners in our hearts... but of course only the comments will tell who the victor is!!! If I didn't mention you here please let me know in the comments! I don't want to miss anyone!
@SamTheMallow Yea he is on at odd times XP @LAVONYORK my brother is loads of fun and super knowledgeable about a number of things
@LAVONYORK the infamous @RyanOgg has yet to make an appearance lol
our material? you mean our weird funny conversations? lmfao
it's all good we know you have lots to do @shannonl5 xD
oooooohhhh ok.
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