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It's time for the Family Feud!!! Oh, wait, wrong game again...
This is THE BIGBANG DATING GAME!!! Are you waiting with baited breath to find out who your BIGBANG soulmate is? Wondering what happens next? Then read on to find out.
The rules are simple: Be honest/don't cheat and HAVE FUN!!!
If you missed out on Part 1 and wanna join in the fun, click the link here: https://www.vingle.net/posts/1253463-The-BIGBANG-Dating-Game-Part-1
If you haven't yet caught up on Part 2, you can do so here:
Last time I had you pick a color. The options I gave you were:
Those are not a normal selection of colors. How many of you were trying to figure out what those colors meant? Did you perhaps think they were the favorite colors of the BIGBANG members? Did any of you who know my not so secret love for GD think "Hey, those are all colors G-Dragon has had in his hair at one point or another?" Both of those are wrong (though the hair color thing did give me a shameless opportunity to throw in a few pics of
GD ^)
"Okay, Helixx. What do the colors mean???" Don't worry, I'll tell you. But first, let's get back to the story...
It's been a month- an ENTIRE month since that magical day filming the music video with BIGBANG. You've struggled getting back to the rest of the world and to your real life. It's been a hard adjustment for you. How could it not be? You're ultimate dream came true and now life as a normal person just doesn't hold the same appeal as it used to. The rest of humanity has just continued on around you, as if nothing special ever happened. You wish you had a bullhorn so you could stand on a table and tell the whole world what's happened to you.
"Excuse me," you'd say, awkwardly. The sound of your voice echoing would catch you off guard. "Um, hi everyone. It's me. Just wanted to say I met BIGBANG! They were super awesome and really nice to me. Yes, they are that good looking in person. So, yeah... if ya'll could be a little more excited about life, that would be great... at least, just share in my enthusiasm... ok. Thanks. I'm going to go now... uh, bye." Naturally, the bullhorn would do that irritating screeching just as you put it down, drawing glares and annoyed faces to you. No, maybe you don't wish you had a bullhorn.
The only person who understands how you've been feeling is your BFF. Thank the Gods for her! Still, you only see her part of the time. Ugh, real life is hard. People expect things of you, you have to remember to feed the cat, get to work on time, study, be responsible.. all you really want to do is replay that day over and over and over. Stupid linear time. Where is the DOCTOR when you need him?
Honestly, how could anyone expect you to just get back to business as usual? You had a real conversation with TOP... TOP of all people. The man barely talks in interviews, and words actually came out of his mouth with the intent of you hearing them! Oh, and those dimples... You saw them up close and in person! *Swoon*
And Daesung's skin; it's actually that flawless in person. You were close enough to analyze every detail of his beautiful face. Has the boy ever had a pimple? "Hmmmm... maybe I should look into those Korean face packs." You think to yourself.
Oh, and then there was the scene where the boys danced perfectly in unison, with their back up dancers behind them. You were walking up the steps to your MV apartment and GD flashed you one of those lip-biting smiles of his and then winked. They filmed that scene over and over again; probably because you had a hard time keeping your cool. Regardless, that wink and smile was perfect every time.
At the end of the shoot, after you said all your goodbyes, Taeyang chased you and your bestie to the car for one last hug. He thanked you for all your hard work and said he really thought you had done a great job.
You checked Instagram the next morning to discover that Seungri had posted 3 pics from the shoot, including a selfie with you, to his account. He captioned it "Music Video contest Winner! She did fabulous! Thank you. #bigbang #newmusic #contestwinner #longday"
"Excuse me!!!"
"Wha-?" You're jolted back to reality.
"Am I interrupting something?" The voice says. It's a rather angry looking woman across the counter from you.
"No, not at all. How can I help you."
"I'm trying to return this." She says with a real sharp edge in her voice. She shoves a wrinkled plastic bag at you. You open it to find about 15 paris of open, worn nylons in it. You look up at the woman.
"Ok.. why do you want to return these?"
"All the packages are open." she snaps. You look at her and then back at the contents of the bag.
"Were they like that when you purchased then?" you ask.
"Of course not! I wouldn't have bought them if they were!!" You pause, looking at her... Is she crazy or are you just not understanding something? You carefully consider how to answer.
"So you bought the nylons when they were still in the package, then you took them out of the packaging and now you would like to return them because they aren't in the packages anymore?"
"Did I studder?" She says, raising her voice at you.
"Uh, no ma'am." you say. "Can I see your reciept, please?"
"I don't have it."
"Ok... what about the card you purchased them with?"
"I paid cash!" You look at her, briefly trying to figure out if she's messing with you or if she's just that stupid.
"Ok, well, I'm going to need the receipt then so I can pull up the transaction. Without the receipt I can't process the return." You say it as sweetly as you can muster.
"Are you deaf???" She screams. "I told you I don't have it!!! Geez, are you slow or something?"
"Ma'am, please try to stay calm, I'm going to get my mana-"
"Idiot! I want to speak to your manager!" She demands. You put on the biggest fake smile you can.
"Sure thing. One moment." You say in the most sarcastically polite manner possible before walking away from the guest services counter. You find a manager and brief them on the situation.
You can feel your phone vibrating in your pocket. You wait until your manager is out of sight and then pull out your phone. There's no caller ID. You hate those calls. How is it possible not to have a caller ID? At least show me the number and then I can decide if I want to answer. After brief consideration, you decide to ignore the call, If it's important, they'll leave a message. Right? You slide the phone back into your pocket- but something goes wrong and sends your phone tumbling to the floor. You scramble to catch it, but you miss and your precious phone lands smack against the tile, face down. You cringe and reach to pick it up, dreading the condition you'll find the screen in. To your surprise, the screen isn't cracked. But, somehow the impact answered the call you were trying to ignore. You can hear a faint voice saying "Hello?"
Oh crap. "It's probably a bill collector, " you think, fumbling to put the phone to your ear.
"Hello?" you say.
"Hello. Ma'am?"
"Yes, yes. I'm here."
"This is the contest winner, is that correct?" The voice on the other end asks. "This is the BIGBANG contest winner?"
"Yes, that's me!" You respond, excitedly. It's not a bill collector, it's a woman named Sunny calling you all the way from the YG headquarters in Seoul. She's calling to invite you to the Naver V podcast BIGBANG is doing for the debut of the music video you filmed with them. It's happening next week and the members would like YOU to be there when it premiers to the public. You'll have to fly to Seoul, but YG is paying for your ticket and hotel.
"OHMYGOD! I'll be there!" You nearly scream over the phone. You are trying so hard to contain your excitement being that you are at work and all. You duck around a corner so that no one can see you.
"Wonderful." She replies. 'I'll email you the information. There will be a driver to pick you up at the airport." You're jumping up and down as she speaks. "You can bring one person with you so you don't have to go all the way to Korea alone."
"Oh my god, I am so grateful. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!"
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???? You're on Korean soil? You're in Seoul and you're going to see BIGBANG again!!! WHAT??? "How is this my life?" you ask yourself. You have Miss Bestipants with you again... Duh! Who else would you take on this incredible adventure?!?
The flight was super long but those first class sleeping chairs are surprisingly comfortable. Like Sunny said, there was a driver waiting for you, holding up one of those signs with your name on it. It was such a cliche, but it only added to your experience. The car dropped you off at a really fancy hotel in the heart of Seoul.
You can't help but marvel at the bustling city around you. It's so full of bright colors and sounds and the amazing smells of street vendor food.
"Can you believe we're here?" You ask, squealing.
"I know. This is super cool. Thank you so much for bringing me." Your BFF says.
"Of course!" You reply. "No need to thank me. I brought you to help me keep my fangirl from showing when I'm around BIGBANG. Can't have them thinking I'm a babbling idiot."
"No, we cannot afford that. I intend to ride this free stuff and awesome adventure wave as long as I can."
You're hotel room is amazing. Absolutely amazing. There's a king size bed, a sitting area with comfy couches, a mini kitchen, large mirrors, and an entire wall of windows. "Not to self- don't walk around naked." There are luxurious everywhere: satin sheets on the bed, dishes filled with chocolates on every counter top, black out shades controlled by remote, the biggest and softest towels you've ever seen, and a full size jacuzzi tub.
You and your BFF race each other to the gigantic bed and in an instant you're both jumping on it. This is the life. No cares, no worries, just luxury and good times. After a few minutes, you've both worn yourselves out and decide to lay down on the bed while you catch your breath.
You've been in Korea less than 3 hours and already you don't ever want to go back. Real world be damned!
Suddenly, there's a knock at the door. It startles the both of you. After realizing what it was you laugh.
"I'll get it." She says. "You just relax." With that she disappears from the room. A moment later she reappears, grinning, both her hands behind her back.
"What?" You ask her. "Who was at the door?"
"You're day is about to get a whole lot better!" She squeals.
"How is that even possible?"
You sit up as she arrives at the side of the bed. She pulls one hand from behind her back and in it is a single rose. She hands it to you. You smile wide, taking the rose and smelling it.

Have you had enough? Are you saying to yourself "I can't even, right now!"? Would you like to know what those colors you chose from meant? They were colors of roses you were choosing. Specifically, what color of rose you would receive from your BIGBANG secret admirer.

The white rose represents innocence and new beginnings. New love, perhaps?
The yellow rose represents friendship. They say the best relationships bloom out of solid friendships...
The red rose symbolizes love and romance. Will this rose open your heart?
The pink rose is a symbol of admiration. Will his admiration turn into something more?
This orange rose means passion. Will his passion ignite the fire inside of you?
"For me? Who's it from?" She pulls the other hand from behind her back and presents you with a letter. It's in a plain, cream-colored envelope. The only markings are the letters of your name. You look up from the envelope, to meet the gaze of your best friend. Anticipation is rising inside of you, but you don't quite understand why.
"Well, open it!" She exclaims. You both giggle at her excitement. You open the envelope and pull out the paper inside. It's a hand-written letter.
"Welcome to my home country. I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing this to say you have been on my mind since we filmed the music video. I did not intend to meet you and I have tried to stop all thoughts of you from entering my mind, but it has been of no use. During your stay here, I am hoping to have a chance to get to know you better, and for you to get to know me. I hope you keep this rose in your heart and know that it was given with the best of intentions."
"Who gave you this?" You ask. You're bestie takes the letter from your hands.
"It was just a bellman at the door." She replies. You hop onto your feet, heading for the door. You pull open the door and look in both directions. The hallway is empty. You shut the door and then head back towards the bedroom.
"OHMYGOD!!!" You hear as you cross the threshold into the room. "You have a secret admirer... Do you think it could be one of the BIGBANG members?" You freeze. That thought hadn't yet crossed your mind.
"Do you think it's even possible?" You question. "OH MY, seriously, could it?"
"Well, you don't know anyone else in this entire country. And you did shoot a music video with them, as mentioned in the letter... so I'm going with yes. Yes, there is a distinct possibility that this letter and this beautiful rose is from one of your idols." Her words bounce around inside your head for a moment, before causing you to fall to the floor.
"I think I'm going to die now" You hear the words escape from your mouth. How could this possibly be happening? You must be dreaming right? Things like this don't happen in the real world. Things like this don't happen to you.

Alright, it's that time again... choosing time. Today I need you to choose from the following four options:

Teddy Bear

Choose carefully. And make sure to comment your selection below.

Wait.. but Helixx, I still have all five members in play. Shouldn't I have eliminated at least one of them by now?

I know, it's all so very cryptic. Just stick it out a bit longer as you'll be getting some answers in Part 4.

If you would like to be added to the tags list, or removed from it, just let me know!
I know you have all been waiting patiently. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Part 4 should be up tomorrow. I've been working hard on it, so hopefully it'll have been worth the wait.
@heidichiesa Too true. I've worked in retail and other customer service positions for years... I can't seem to escape. I have two jobs and I've been a manager at one of them for the past year... because my customer service skills are so exceptional! (Gee, thanks? I think?) So, now I get all the crazies handed to me on a silver platter. Yay!
@helixx this game and story are so much fun!!! on a side note you must work in retail too.that customer story is just to real to be made up....I've had those people
@Helixx I can explain the balloon thing is more about them popping in my face (like just no) XD . . I was going to change my decision about the ballons but there sames to be that a balloon gathering might occur so ...I just cant lol . . But I cant wait to see how the rest of this story unfolds ♡♡
I just love hearing how you folks rationalize your decisions. It's so much fun to read. @KwonOfAKind- I'm so sorry you've been friendzoned... hopefully things will turn around. If you fear balloons, then you are right in not choosing them. You'll see why very soon. I'm having a lot of fun writing this and also wonder how can I make this real. I guess were all going to have to live vicariously through the game for now. It's a little hard, cause I wanna play too but I know what happens so that would give me an unfair advantage... *derp face* @SaiT You are most welcome. I am very happy you are enjoying it.
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