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DC has had a lot of success.

One of the things us Vinglers mentioned really liking about the tv series DC has been putting out lately is the crossover episodes. Which makes sense, those episodes rock! It is a bit odd that Marvel, despite insisting that all of their cinematic media takes place in the same universe, hasn't really done the same thing.

Netflix has started it.

Using Rosario Dawson's character in both Daredevil and Jessica Jones. And we know they're building up to an eventual convergence of all the Netflix series. But that's a long way away!

Then again...

The Hydra reveal in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was a little bit awkward. Were we supposed to watch Captain America: Winter Soldier first? Or the episode? Because one automatically spoiled the other. Is this something that DC is just better at right now? What do you think Marvel can do to catch up?
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Marvel doing great in the movies category even tho I watch and enjoy Agents of Shield and the Netflix series DC TV shows just absolutely ROCK! Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and even when Constantine was on they are all awesome they crossover episodes are great as well too I Love the Flash most of all with all he possibilities that the have made with confirming the multiverse and in the first season with the smart mention of The Flash disappearance in or death in Crisis on Infinite Earths make things even more awesome
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@BeannachtOraibh oooh that's a good point. Even though it all takes place in the same universe it does seem like some things are a little bit separate because they're trying to reach different people depending on where they are. While the DC tv series are similar enough to have the flexibility. With a self contained tangent... I feel like I remember the old x-men cartoons doing something like that? Am I totally making things up?
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@Boggleman oooh yeah can't leave out Constantine, he's one of my favorite characters! Definitely a different vibe from the others, but they made it work. I'm so excited for whatever the Flash is doing next, they consistently surprise and amaze me
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@shannon15 I love the DC cinematic multiverse idea from he start by as of right now I still feel that Marvel is still winning as far as content and good stories and characters
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@shannonl5 I agree. Marvel could do a lot better with their shows
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