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It's the holidays...

And while I have some idea of what I'd like to get for the people I love, I'm kind of clueless when it comes to shopping for me! Seriously. It drives my family up the wall. So this challenge by @LAVONYORK was a tough one! I did my best!

Lady-centric comics

It was a good year for these! Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, Wonder Woman, Peggy Carter... yup, good year!

Funko pops!

And other knick-knacks. I secretly adore these things but I can never justify buying them for myself. Sometimes I get lucky and my friends get them for me and they find little corners of my apartment... always makes me happy when I see them!


I know, really boring. But when you're an adult you really start to value socks without holes in them. Plus those ones are adorable.

Star Trek: The Movie

Okay this one is a joke. My dad bought this for my brother three years in a row. And each time his response was "I still hate this movie dad." So my dad has three copies of Star Trek and every year I jokingly tell him to buy it. Who knows! He might really enjoy it this time.
I'm a terrible daughter.

What fandom-y stuff are you hoping for this year?

@LAVONYORK because socks are so much fun! @danidee right? And they're so cheap I can almost justify it too.... @DanielCriswell haha yes I love him. One of my favorite characters from the original series
@DanielCriswell yeah he has great comedic timing
shannonl5 I love that movie he is so funny
@DanielCriswell yeah! That's a good one
He is been in the other great movies ever heard of Charlie Bartlett
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