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Thanks at @IGot7Forever for suggesting this ship!! I am not familiar wtih this ship at all...It looked interesting when I saw it...I mean i never thought about Chanyeol and Baekhyun being never cross my mind at all....well...i hope you enjoy lol!!!

I can tell that this ship has been going on for a long time......*stares intently at Chanyeol's hair* yeah...moving on!!! LOL XD!!!

They are so cute together!!!

Baekhyun always seem to smile whenever Chanyeol talks to him....the cuteness is too much!!

Baekhyun Enjoys Chanyeol's Annoying Teases(unlike D.O lol)

How Do You Feel About This Ship!! Is It A Joke or Is It Your Dream Relationship!!

Let Me Know Your Thoughts And Part 2 Will Be Uploaded On Wednesday!!
The feelssssss😭😍😍😍😍
@tannyo YES....I LOVE KAISOO..Its my favorite EXO ship
This is one of my fave ships 😍😍
This was my first Exo ship and they still stand as one of my favorites
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