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Do you know all there is to know about Latin American foods? Here's five fun facts about the Latin American cuisine.

1) Different Latin Countries Have Different Dishes

Different regions have different dishes. You may see similar dishes throughout Central America, but you might not find in the Caribbean. Some countries are known for their savory plates, other for their sweet dishes. Plantains may be popular in a few Latin countries, but others might not have them included in their cuisine at all.

2) It's Not Just About Tacos

Latin food is more than just about tacos. And actually, you'll find tacos and tortillas primarily in South America. You've got rice, yuca, beans, pasteles, tamales -- among other foods. The Latin American cuisine is very diverse, including Mexico's!

3) The Food Is Influenced By A Fusion Of Cultures

Latin American food is influenced by the slave trade. There is a fusion of Native American, African, and Asian influence in the Latin American cuisine. For example, Cuba's cuisine is a distinctive fusion of Spanish, African, and Caribbean cuisines. In the example of Mexico, there is a fusion of Mesoamerican and European cuisines. These foods include, corn, beans, and chili peppers.

4) Some Foods Are Similar, But Have Different Names

Ever thought you knew the name of a dish, but someone calls it something different? It happens. In Puerto Rico, the meat filled pastry is called pastellilos. In Cuba, they are called empanadas. They are slightly different, as far as size is concerned, but they are just about the same.

5) You'll Fall In Love

Wait, you probably already know this. Maybe you already have. Or maybe the holiday coquito has gotten you a bit buzzy. But you know what...Latin American food is amazing. And always will be and you should go get yourself a plate. Like...RIGHT NOW. ;)
it's always about tacos lol the ones de asada or pastor
lol jk Mexican food is decent IMO but personally I like Japanese French or Italian better if u think menudo is expensive once I bought sushi and the plate cost be $85 and I'm 16 so it took a while to make that money but there are Mexican foods that taste decent but my stomach rejects it at night
@IvanSovietUnion I can vouch for that lol I've tried sushi before it's pretty good but I can only eat so much cause I'm not a big fan of fish lol
@IvanSovietUnion taco bell ain't real Mexican food 😆😆
@IvanSovietUnion not sure what you mean but I love mexican food not all of it is cheap-.- Menudo is expensive af and if yiu never made caldo or tamales that stuff cost alot so yeah.
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