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dont click this card unless you're caught up with the manga
OMG馃槺!!! the moment i read this page i threw a fit of fear and excitement and both my mother and brother rushed in because they thought something bad happened to me HOW DID YOU REACT ?!??!?
first i was like
then i started running around my room (idk ._. it was in the moment)
stopped and freaked out again
started throwing things (don't ask why cause idk)
then was like "im so happy"
then i was like "im ready for the next page馃槇" i think i over reacted but at the same time i think i under reacted. what about you馃憖馃憖馃憖馃憖馃憖馃憗.
@AshleyRussell lol you can read the manga on free apps
I did the same thing when I found out
Oh shit I'm a chapter behind I DON'T SEE ANYTHINGG. *goes to catch up*
my favorite is all manga can be found there or @ashleyrussell
nah there's still a lot more to read if you aren't that far. Sorry if I spoiled most of it @ashleyrussell
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