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So you want to learn how to be healthy.

But you're not exactly sure what changes to make in your lifestyle. How to eat better, how often to hit the gym, what machines to use when you get there...
Don't fret! There are TONS of free resources online to help you along on your fitness journey. When I was looking for some new workout ideas for myself, I stumbled across this awesome 30-day plan that's free on
"The Ultimate 30-Day Beginner's Guide to Fitness is a one-month course designed to teach you the essentials of training, nutrition, and supplementation. It's for anyone who doesn't know where to start. It's for those who think fitness is complicated or intimidating. This is fitness made simple: one day at a time, one challenge at a time. You have the right to be fit. We'll teach you to exercise that right."
The plan is totally free and includes workout walkthroughs, videos, and a detailed plan to help you learn the basics of nutrition and fitness. It's focused more on actually teaching you than on telling you exactly what plan to follow, but it does equip you fully to make your own plan.
It's a bit gimmicky at times; they definitely are trying to get you to sign up for their various online tools and buy their supplements. But if you can ignore all that, the information they give is actually quite good!

If you want to check out the plan for yourself, or maybe even put it into action, then:

I'll be posting a new workout every Monday, so be sure to follow my Easy Health Hacks collection for more! :)
@XavierLopez This could be a great way to learn the basics of diet and nutrition, which would help you towards your goal! But I'll keep looking out for more exercise plans that will help you stay slim while building muscle :)
@XavierLopez No problem!! Like I said, I'll keep an eye out :) I hope this helps!
I want to thank you so much for this.
Wow thanks for sharing this!