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We're back again with our second member!

I'd like to take this chance to thank everyone that's been showing their interest and support in the idea. It means a whole lot to me. I'd also like to thank the other four members for being cooperative and supportive and helpful in making this happen. 여러분 대박이다! You guys are awesome! ♡ Now, everyone, meet member number two! ^^

Name: Ceilidh Hoadley (Pronounced Kaylee ^^) Age: 18 Birthday: November 20th Position: Dancer Ideal Type: A guy that is very intellectual and smart. Also a guy who is affectionate and romantic. I want to be with a very caring and humble guy…or Jung Taekwoon from VIXX xD Bias Groups: VIXX. EXO. Boyfriend. Seventeen.

Favorite Quote

“If you don’t give up your hopes and dreams, then there will always be a good ending.” - Choi Minho, SHINee

Fun Facts

- Is half-Iranian - Talented in Art and Costume Design and specializes in painting - Cosplays Kpop and Anime characters. - Knows basics in 3 foreign languages (Farsi, Spanish, and Korean) - "Apologizing machine" for apologizing waaay too much. - Blushes/Gets embarrassed super easily. - Knows how to play a little of the bass guitar and the piano - Spends way too much time dancing to music videos - Gets excited way too easily, almost giddy.

Two Down. Three to go.

We know who's next. Are you ready? ;) @MsLoyalHeart @TaehyungV @JasminMartinez @CeilidhHoadley Find the first card here. ^^

Roll Call! ♡

We're still voting on names. Any more suggestions? Any thing else you'd like to see from us? ^^ ♡

PS... This card would have been up a half an hour ago but my phone didn't want to post the card...
@QueenLele Okay. I will. ^^
@QueenLele Aw, it's okay. I understand. Do you still want me to tag you in the cards?
Idk if I can do the group thing anymore