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I just read this chapter and I have officially been mind blown and there are no words to describe how I feel right now. Enjoy
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my thing is sweet said natsu created those monster..... so first I was like the I gates then I thought wait what if the other dragon slayers are also
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Seen it this may change a lot
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I know and. with the firsts powers I think that she maybe able to save natsu but I still think end will be. awaken ...... possibly also kill gildarts before the first is able to change him back ..... Gil comes end to save Lucy or happy from end demon fire attack end turns around and tips in half gray then freeze natsu holding him long enough to change him back..... the anger from natsu sends him into demon God thunder flame dragon mode and beats zerf. to a coma and then first puts him into a cystal like her... currant theory of mind..... still not sure where old dragon king plays in it
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not tips meant rips him
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