You and Jungkook are dating but you got into a fight.. So for payback you try and make him jealous... While at a party some decent looking guy comes up to you and is a little drunk.. you kind of go along with it cause you know Jungkook is near you... Then you notice the dude is trying to make a move, pushing you against the wall. Your trying your best to stop him because you weren't wanting this type of situation.... Then next thing you know you see Jungkook coming over looking (like the photo above) angry. He punches the dude grabs your wrist, drags you out of the party.
He pushes you up against the wall whispers into your ear and says "you owe me" gives you his smirk (photo above) you look at him confused and BAM!!!

Kisses you!

sorry if the story was bleh... just seeing that picture of Kookie...
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