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So my little sister is almost 2 years of age but she's remembered big bang pretty well....
"yeah so did i" Yea but she hasn't remembered their names....she just picked up on their "trade marks" How she remembers them:
TOP the classic "You Like"
Taeyang the "No No" man (because he never wears his shirt and I told her she should wear a shirt. So she believes he's breaking the rules. But In reality its not the rules he breaking ITS MY FEELS!!)
Daesung is "Mr Smiles" (Aka her little bias <<cute right)
Seungri after the bias you gotta put the bias wrecker right She remembers him as "Everything" not Seungri or Panda but "Everything" Seungri is her Everything (Sorry Dae lol)
And finally G-Dragon .....I think his name stands out above the rest its beauty its grace its "SQUWAK" but all started with Baebae XD
So let reintroduce Big Bang 2015 You Like, No No, Mr. Smiles, Everything, and Squwak (Who's your "New" bias :P)
Idk I just wanted to share this with you guys I just found the way she remembered them kinda cute/funny Have you guys experienced anything like this?
that's the cutest thing omg
That too cute. Kids, you gotta love'em.
That is too cute!
that's tots adorbs
That's the cutest thing I've heard all day 😭😍