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A new Uncharted 4: A Thief's End trailer was released at last weekends Playstation Experience event and it looks amazing. The last footage I saw from the game was the 15-minute gameplay trailer that was released sometime last year. That trailer is impressive in its own right but this one really knocks it out of the park.
A lot of the allure to the Uncharted series is the stories that are told within the game. I've always said that the games are the closest thing you can get to playing an Indiana Jones video game that isn't terrible (or a point and click adventure).
I really love the tone of this trailer and the way it already feels like a movie the player participates in. There's something to be said about the graying hair on Nathan Drake's hair and the way he (defeatedly) stamps those pieces of papers in his office. And some light gets shed on what happened to Nathan Drake between Uncharted 3 and this game.
It seems all the historical and archeological finds he's made in the past have gone towards his life in a pretty realistic way. He's used it to pay for the house he's living in and the engagement ring, which is good to know that he's married Elena (something that I'm sure we all assumed would happen anyway).
But that isn't the most interesting part of the trailer...
The most interesting part is the fact that they added dialogue choices! It seems like an odd step for Naughty Dog to take in their game. But it gives some agency to the player as Nathan Drake. If you take a look at the screen above and are well-versed in the games that precede this, you'll notice that each option is a different game in the series.
It really makes the player feel like they're a part of Drake's history. And I think it works. Some seem to be worried that all of the brilliant cutscenes that Uncharted is known for will be lost but I have complete faith that Naughty Dog is the company that can get this kind of mechanic right in an action-platformer type of game.
I doubt there'll be any other RPG elements to Uncharted 4 but who knows? Just yesterday I never thought they'd add dialogue choices but they did. So, hey, you never know, right?
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this is pretty cool. I have only played the third game in the series but this one looks like it's taking cool directions