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What time is it? FINALS TIME!

Okay, Im sorry I don't know why I did that...clearly I no longer have to take finals which is why I can actually make a joke about them. But for all you poor souls that have to crack down for the next two weeks, you have my sympathy.
But don't get it twisted, I have been through my fair share of finals and there are 7 distinctly different ways college students handle what we have all (outside of Greek life) dubbed....hell week.

1. The person practically twitching from caffeine.

2. The person who is annoyingly prepared.

3. The person who is clearly aware they are failing out so are just getting fucked up.

4. The person who will not stop listing every single thing they have to do so that everyone knows they have it the worst.

5. The English majors who have no tests but have over 100 pages of papers to write. It all just blurs and nothing feels ok anymore.

6. The "save it to the last second" guy. They will also most likely become person #1

7. And finally, the person who just took their last final.

Oh those papers! During those times idk why I decided to go to grad school for writing.
im not an English major but i feel like 5 right now lol
@SarahVanDorn gahaha I can only imagine how much you have to do!!! I wish you and @TiffanyWallace @AkashBhojraj the best of luck and all the monster you can find haha
I will say that the whole #6/1 combination was seriously rough, but I did end up doing well on my exams! I just didn't have a life, like 36 hours before the exam started lol.
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