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I came across this picture today and I wanted to share it and get your opinions about what you think? I'm more or less at a stand still for this...what do you think?
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Vin is correct, but personally I am not and never have been a fan of the "super vegeta and super trunks) forms... too slow and bulky.
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@nberry1620 100% agree
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@assasingod I've also heard that, though I feel like ultimate is a dumb name because those are not the ultimate levels of power a saiyan can reach
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@VinMcCarthy The same thought passed through my head when I first heard it. Perhaps they were just referring only to the super sayain 1 state.
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As far as the original Japanese goes, they first refer to it as going beyond super saiyan, then goku names it super saiyan 2 later.
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