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생 로랑에서 판매 중인 콘돔은?
파리 리브 드로이트 매장에서만 지난 20 여름 컬렉션 초대장으로 화제가 되었던 베트멍의 콘돔 등 최근 패션 브랜드에서 이색적인 행보를 보이고 있는 가운데, 생 로랑(Saint Laurent)도 이와 같은 행렬에 동참했다. 제품은 블랙, 골드, 체커보드 등 6가지 패키지에 깔끔한 브랜딩이 돋보이는 콘돔. 출시와 함께 디렉터 안토니 바카렐로(Anthony Vaccarello)는 저명한 포토그래퍼 유르겐 텔러(Juergen Teller)와 함께한 ‘The Love Affair’라는 타이틀의 캠페인을 공개했으며, 그의 카메라에 포착된 화보는 나체의 데이비드 알렉산더 플린(David Alexander Finn)과 안야 루빅(Anja Rubik)의 뒷모습이 담겨있다. 해당 콘돔의 가격은 2천 원대. 아쉽게도 프랑스 파리 리브 드로이트 매장에서만 판매 중이며 보다 자세한 정보는 이곳에서 확인 가능하다. 더 자세한 내용은 <아이즈매거진> 링크에서
메종 마르지엘라, 20 가을 겨울 컬렉션 공개
지속 가능성을 위한 노력을 고스란히 메종 마르지엘라(Maison Margiela)가 20 가을, 겨울 컬렉션을 공개했다. 지난 1월 선보인 오뜨 꾸뛰르 컬렉션의 연장선으로 전개된 듯한 이번 컬렉션은 마르지엘라의 브랜드 테마이기도 한 ‘레플리카(Replica)’와 ‘리사이클(Recycle)’을 결합한 의미를 담아 지속 가능한 패션에 초점을 두어 전개됐다. 그의 일환으로 실제 중고품 공장에서 모아온 재활용 소재를 활용해 업사이클링 기법을 적용한 점이 주목할 부분이다. 재활용 소재로 디테일을 가미해 특유의 해체주의적 실루엣을 완성했는가 하면, 기존에 있던 아이템들에 남은 가죽을 덧대 새롭게 복각시켰다. 눈에 띄는 액세서리 라인업은 리복과의 협업 퓨리 스니커즈를 비롯해 새 디테일을 머금은 5AC 백, 워커 백 등. 고정적인 하우스 코드를 독창적인 방식으로 재해석한 존 갈리아노(John Galliano)의 런웨이를 슬라이드에서 확인해보자. 더 자세한 내용은 <아이즈매거진> 링크에서
Buy Products From eBay in Pakistan
Online shopping is in trends since quite a while now. Everybody loves to shop their favorite products just by tapping a few keys on their keyboard while coming on their couches or beds. There are a number of business companies in the dotcom domain that provide platform for such buyers as well as sellers and one of those companies is Ebay. The online merchants use Ebay as a sales channel to buy and sell their products as it operates in many countries. It is one of the most popular auction sites where anything can be sold; from comic books to DVDs, from dinkies to antique cars. Ebay in Pakistan The sellers on Ebay opt for the countries where they are going to ship, so it’s totally up to them whether they choose to sell in Pakistan or not. Once the sellers choose to sell their specific product in Pakistan, ordering or bidding for a product from Ebay is easy then. Buying from Ebay is not a problem for the people of Pakistan, the main problem is paying for those products because Paypal doesn’t operate in Pakistan. Sellers often don’t choose Pakistan because unavailability of Paypal. Payment methods for Ebay in Pakistan Payment through credit or debit card is mostly a headache because for that you need most of the buyer’s/seller’s basic information. Not all people are willing to give out their personal information to potential customers. As far as Paypal is concerned, it is not available in Pakistan as well. This buying and selling on Ebay problem is solved my many local e-commerce websites. You can easily surf through these websites, pick whatever product you want and order it. The rest is left to the third party which is behind these e-commerce websites. They’ll make sure about the payment as well as the shipment of the product to Pakistan. Another good news for the people in Pakistan who want to buy from Ebay is that many of the banks in Pakistan are offering prepaid or virtual credit cards, the number of these banks is likely to increase with time. These cards can be used to carry out direct payments to the Ebay portal. Moreover, Visa Prepaid options are also available. Points to note while buying from Ebay in Pakistan Remember to use the global version of Ebay which automatically detects your location and localizes the site to Pakistani version. In this way, the shipping costs and product costs will be automatically converted to the Pakistani currency making it convenient for you to shop. You can further narrow down the searches to Asia only. Before going through the categories, check if the seller you’re willing to buy from ships internationally or domestically. If he doesn’t ship to Pakistan, try another seller who does. There are also plenty of Pakistani sellers who are also worth trying. Before going for a third party website considers a seller who ships to Pakistan, this will save you a lot of fatigue. However, most of the e-commerce websites are feasible and you should not be reluctant while choosing a reliable website. Ebay products in Paksitan This post orgionaly featured at OnePoint Blog