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🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 Might contain spoilers! 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 I totally apologize for how LONG this card is, but I hope some of you will read it to the end! Hello everyone!~ How are you guys? This will be my first anime/manga recommendation card, so I hope it's not too bad! I'm planning on making more anime/manga recommendation cards soon! Anyway, the anime/manga I'll be recommending today is Gakuen Alice (as seen in the title). Before hearing out my opinion on this anime/manga, here is the info: ✨Anime✨ •Genre: Comedy, Magic, School, Shoujo •Episodes: 26 •Status: COMPLETE •Score: 7.83 ✨Manga✨ •Genres: Fantasy, Magic, Supernatural, Comedy, Drama, Shoujo •Volumes: 31 •Chapters: 180 •Status: COMPLETE •Score: 8.41 🌸Summary🌸 "For Mikan, there was no better friend than Hotaru (though Hotaru sometimes seems to have other sentiments). They often played together. But Hotaru is a very special child, and she agrees to go to a school in Tokyo which the government reserved only for geniuses. This left a very lonely Mikan at home. When Hotaru fails to keep her promise and come home for holidays, her young friend is very disappointed and rather angry. But upon overhearing a conversation between Hotaru's mother and a teacher, Mikan realizes that her friend's reasons for leaving might not have been what they seemed. So Mikan takes it upon herself to run away and go to Hotaru's school. There she discovers the so-called "genius academy" is actually a school for people gifted with special powers called "alices". Her friend Hotaru is one of these, and after a chance encounter with a teacher, Mikan suddenly finds herself enrolled. Finally, the two friends are reunited, but is Mikan actually one of those so-called Alices?"
Let's get to know some of the characters! I know there's some of you who are interested in finding out about them.
💖Mikan Sakura💖 If you love those cute, optimistic, energetic, and cheerful characters, then you will love Mikan! Although Mikan can be clumsy and a crybaby at some points, she's very determined. Even through hard times, Mikan never gives up and keeps trying. Hence her two mottos; "Never lose!" and "Never give up!". Mikan can be quite loud and foolish at times, just like her father. "She brings hope and light to everybody around her and allowing her to overcome many obstacles", which is pretty similar to her father as well. Mikan is brave, compassionate, and caring when it comes to her friends and love ones. She will do whatever it takes to risk her own life and happiness just to save them. Mikan can be quite sensitive and stubborn too. "She is the type of person who easily forgets her worries and problems, mostly appearing happy and smiling. She always tries to make the best out of a bad situation, a trait that never fails to amaze her friends." Because of her wonderful charm, she even got some admirers! OPINION: I love Mikan very much, to the point of admiring and adoring her myself. I love how she always keep smiling even if she's in a bad situation. The fact that she would even risk her own life and happiness just for her friends and love ones, makes me really proud! Even though she can be foolish and a klutz, I still love her!~
❤️Natsume Hyūga❤️ Natsume seems cold, stubborn, and rebellious at first, but is actually caring and kind deep inside. "Before Mikan arrived, Natsume threw his life away and was on the road to failure. But upon her arrival, Natsume changed for the better and became stronger. Natsume is actually protective to his friends and love ones. "He is willing to suffer for them and sacrifice his life and freedom so that they won't get hurt." Natsume can be reckless at times too. "His personality is inherited from his mother, who was intelligent, blunt, and rebellious." Like his mother, he has a soft side for his friends and love ones. Natsume sounds cool, right? But you know what makes him cooler? His perverted side... OHOHOHOHO. You'll have to watch the anime or read the manga in order to find out more about that... *winks and fiercely wiggles eyebrows*. As Natsume gets to know Mikan, he becomes more open to others. OPINION: Not going to lie, but I'm a fan of his perverted side. Natsume actually reminds me of a tsundere (which makes me love him even more). Btw, I ship Mikan x Natsume 100% !1!1!1 Watch the anime or read the manga to find out more about their deep connections. Anyway, I love how he is willing to sacrifice his life and freedom just so his friends and love ones won't get hurt. It makes me sad how he would do that just for the sake of his friends and love ones!
💙Luca/Ruka Nogi💙 Luca is best friends with Natsume. He is actually more kinder compared to Natsume. Luca is warm and pleasant around people, but that doesn't mean he's not cool and serious like Natsume! Luka is an animal lover. He is a very loyal friend and is very close to Natsume since they were friends since childhood. OPINION: My, my! Luca is such a cutie (along with everyone else of course)! I love the fact that he still supports Natsume even through his hardships. Now that's a a true loyal friend! I actually find it really adorable when he blushes.
💜Hotaru Imai💜 Hotaru is best friends with Mikan. She is intelligent and logical! She is usually the quiet one in class while everyone is noisy. She might seem calm, but she's rather rude, serious, threatening, and lazy when she wants to be. But that doesn't change the fact that she has her own soft side! Hotaru actually has a comedic side, pretty surprising, huh? She can also be caring and protective towards her friends and love ones. OPINION: I love Hotaru's comedic side. I can't tell you how many times I laughed so hard while reading the manga. Even if Hotaru sounds pretty harsh, I still love her! Remember even people with harsh personalities also have a soft and gentle one too!
Alright you guys! Time for my opinion on this anime/manga!1!1 I absolutely love this anime/manga from the bottom of my heart. The anime was lacking details, but I TOTALLY recommend reading the manga because it's the continuation of the anime. The anime would be better if it had more details from the manga (not to mention a season two)! I don't know how to describe my love for this anime/manga tbh. The anime was great, but it wasn't as great as the manga! The manga brought me in tears because of the feels that were stabbing me in the heart. You know that feeling you get when your heart races and you just feel so excited all of a sudden when watching an anime or reading a manga? That was exactly how I felt every time when I read the manga. My hype for the manga was so unreal. I would suggest watching the anime first to get to know more of the characters and the plot before moving onto the manga. I know 180 chapters is a lot, but trust me, those 180 chapters are totally worth it! The way the genres blend in with the plot and everything was just a masterpiece! The characters, the plot, the plot twists, the art style... OMg. Some people actually try to avoid watching this anime or reading the manga since it seems somewhat childish. It's true, but it's brilliant! So if you were watching the anime or in the middle of reading the manga, and decided to take a break, I suggest you to start watching or reading again! That wraps it up for this card! I am truly sorry for this long card. If you read until the end, I would like to thank you for sticking around and made it this far, haha. So... How many of you are going to watch the anime or read the manga? If you already watched the anime or read the manga, what are your thoughts on it? I would like to know your opinions!