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It's VIXX week and today is Hyuk's Day!! Yay!! This guy is amazing and I love him so much. He's my bias since the day I discovered Vixx. He's the youngest of Vixx and he loves to bully the others but he still loves and cares for them. He also loves to be manHyuk at times but he can also be Hyukkawaii as well. To me, he's always be cute!! Because he is always being cute. And I love it so much when he acts cute or when he's being cute without even knowing it. And I'm so happy he's improving so much. It makes me proud as a Starlight to see them all working so hard to improve themselves. I am also excited to see Hyuk's new movies that will be coming out soon!! So here's Hyukkie!!
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Thank you to @kpopandkimchi for doing this!!