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Vingle just sent me a notification that more than 8,000 Vinglers are following my collection: "Makeup For Your Wedding Day." So, I decided to share a few of the most popular cards that I have shared in the collection with you here.
I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR LIKES, CLIPS, COMMENTS, QUESTIONS... How cool that Vingle exists so that we can delve into our favorite things such as makeup, weddings, fashion, entertainment, health & fitness, and whatnot in a fun, safe, uplifting environment! If you haven't already done so, tell your family and friends to join the fun--JOIN VINGLE!
45,000+ Likes
67,000+ Likes
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21,000+ Likes
What are your favorite makeup and beauty topics? What would you like to see more of? And finally, what inspired you most to be part of Vingle? Share your comments below. (I love reading and responding to your comments and questions!)

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Wooo congratulations! It must've been exciting to receive such grand news :D keep up the wonderful good work and thank you for sharing your cards with us Vinglers!
WOW!!! Congratulations @marshalledgar, that's awesome!!! :D I'm so proud of you!! :)
thank you for saying so @sara3 😄
U deserve it and ur tips are very very helpful.and I mean it its from the heart.
So sweet of you to say @RaquelArredondo :) :)
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