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Hello everyone! This is my first card and I know it's pretty dumb but oh well. I figured since I'm still pretty new I might as well introduce myself. I'm Brianna (or Bri for short) I love anime, Creepypasta, Steven universe, adventure time, all that good good. I'm bi so if you're a homophone or just a general hater you can gtfo now So yeah I hope you all enjoy the random goodness I share with you. Let's be good friends! ✌ (Most of the art I share is NOT mine and I do not take credit for any of it, credit goes to rightful owners!)
Greetings mortal! Welcome to the holy gathering of all things sugoi and kawaii. @BriannaBradley
I DEFINITELY agree with @TiffanyWallace super addicting. only been on here about over a week, and I made some really good friend @BriannaBradley I'll tag you on a card we talk on. But I shall warn you, once you get to know, its like family. 😁
creepypasta is so cool
cute cardπŸ’™ my real name is Brianna/ bri too!
well come I still haven't made my first card I will let you know when I do
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