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I can't stop laughing at how gross this is. I've never had a cat before, but I heard that it's actually really common for them to bring dead mice into the house. Cat owners, has this ever happened to you guys?
oh yeah. it happens to me all the time!! lol they bring "gifts" to show their appreciation and love! I walked onto my porch the other day and a dead lizard was there. I just said thanx and they could finish eating it bcuz i was full! lol
YES! It is the grossest thing ever. My cat loved to bring me birds, rabbits, sometimes mice. And she always looked so proud. Lol But then I had to deal with the aftermath of getting rid of it. Yuck.
Yes. Many times. They're just trying to feed us!
my dog brings me rats too
my neighbors had a cat the would come into my house via open window screen door, wtv route was available and would bring me dead birds, mice, large grasshoppers wtv. Shadows catch of the day. he once left a dead hummingbird on my pillow. I was less than thrilled
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