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Um, Scrumptious?
I can't stop laughing at how gross this is. I've never had a cat before, but I heard that it's actually really common for them to bring dead mice into the house. Cat owners, has this ever happened to you guys?
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When my grandparents were visiting one of our cats brought a dead bat into the house. Except it wasn't dead. He dropped it and it flew around for hours. My grandma panicked and my dad chased it around with a broom. I've only heard the story because somehow I managed to sleep through the whole thing
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@arnelli lol my last cat skipped mice and went directly to snakes and squirrel tails.
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lol so perfect
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Lol i forgot how many times I've seen my cats with dead mice in their mouths XD
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it's their way of saying that they love you......bring dead rodents is the best present from a cat....lol. I used to find birds and mice on my porch all the time.
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