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Part sandwich, part work of art.

Some people believe that the sandwich is enough of an art form on its own, due to its magical deliciousness, and the ingenious juxtaposition of meat, cheese, veggies, sauce, and bread.
But some crazy artistic people have brought the art of the sandwich even farther, by making it into, well, art. Check out these awesome creations, and marvel at the creativity of the human spirit!
Above, we see the Nike Sneaker Sandwich. I have a feeling that these would not make very good footwear.
Here, the Rubik's Cube Sandwich. How would you solve its puzzle? By eating it, of course.
Okay, what is with making footwear out of sandwiches?! (Upon first glance, I thought this was a sandwich made into a shoe. But upon closer inspection, it's actually a shoe made into a sandwich! 馃槼)
This crab burger is more than a burger... it's also a crab.
Why not paint your sandwich all the colors of the rainbow?
...Oh right, because it looks disgusting. Also, who wants to eat paint.
This artist really pushes sandwich art to the edge. Is it still a sandwich if the "bread" is formed by a human being?
Why eat a sandwich when you can read it?
Ladies and gentlemen, the tiniest sandwich in the world.
What an adorable dinosaur! Too bad it's about to go extinct... when I devour it.
Don't ask what modern sandwich art means; just enjoy it. Sandwiches for sandwiches' sake, that's what I always say.
Why people keep making sandwiches I can't eat is beyond me.
This humble sandwich is art simply because... it is perfect. It's not trying to be anything but what it is: God's gift to lunches everywhere.

Which artistic sandwich was your favorite?

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Hahahaha so glad you guys enjoyed!! @RaquelArredondo LOL I actually laughed out loud at your comment hahaha. <3 @danidee Great pun ;P I sea what you did there!
My favorite was the tiny sandwich and the flip flop!! So adorable.
@AlloBaber Thank you thank you very much. Also I keep accidentally typing your username as AlloBabar like the elephant king.
the tiny sndwich was soo cute!!