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I met you on the blissful Saturday, busy like hell, I don't know if this rings a bell, You struck me as beautiful, cuz you were so cheerful, Your smile, Your dimples, But thankfully no pimples! You were in your own world, Taking a step at a time, Seemed you won't give a dime. I mastered my courage, Straightening my tie, Went right up to you and said "Hi" You being polite, Of course said "Hi" Thank god! I said you didn't say "Bye". We talked for a while, It was great, I thought won't it be awesome, If this was a date? We talked more, Couldn't see the time slipping, Oh dear oh god, you said I am so late! I said it was great meeting you, By god it was killing me, I was like a chainsaw grilling me, Kept my trap shut, Said goodbye, hoping you'd call me, But it seemed you will I said to myself, She will, she will.. Part 3: She called me, Saying she only viewed me as a friend, That time I knew I was in the zone called the friend, I cursed myself, for getting my hopes up, Turns out it's a complete mop up, She said she was dating, And I knew whom, What does it matter cuz it all just boom! I said to her " I am happy for you" Smiling but sad, I told her in my head you were all I had, Composing myself I told my mind, "Come on man, it's not so bad". Comments please @AlloBaber @nicolejb @Butterflyblu!! Thanks!
Well, it was kinda like a sad ending with a positive twist. I always appreciate that! :) when people are able to pick themselves up after things they can't control. He deserves someone who likes him back!
👍🏽 @AkashBhojraj
I am I absolutely am! @nicolejb :)
You are stronger than that obviously! @AkashBhojraj :)
Thanks for being so understanding..@nicolejb
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