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This is live recap for JOJ. ^.^ Characters Kim Tae hee was casted in Jang Ok Jung. Yoo Ah in was casted in Lee Soon. Hong Soo Hyun was casted in Queen, In Hyun. Jae hee was casted in Hyun Chi Soo. Lee Sang Yeop was casted in Lee Hang who is a cousin of Lee soon. Han Seung Yeon was casted in Choi musuri, the king's concubine. Let's start -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jang Ok Jung (OJ) shows the traditional clothes to IH who is picking the clothes to wear when the day for picking queen from queen. But IH doesn't like her clothes because OJ explains that this traditional clothes is made to get love by guy. IH thinks it is too low. When they are gone, OJ catches Choi who already robs the traditional accessory. She doesn't apolozie to her so OJ decides to present it for her. OJ is a traditional clothes designer in the Joseon Dynasty period and she is a daughter of slave. (Did you see it? Becasue her mother is slave, the owner of her slashes) She holds the banquet for the traditional clothes. wow really beautiful ! but...at that time, someone comes in and let people know that she is a duaghter of her slave who lures her husband. OJ is little embarrassed but soon she takes her heart and explains this is my festival invested a lot of money for these people so please get out of here. At that time, Joeseon Dynasty is a subordinate state of China. So Chinese servants are waiting Crown prince. To run out the clock, SY performs geomungo, Korean musical instrument. Oh actually crown prince persuades Beok lord to be familiar with China. Other sevant actually who is wearing the red clothes has a plot not to come them in the royal palace. However he finally comes in the palace with his wise tirck. OJ is worried how to deal with this happening. Before cancealing this order, she delievers this clothes to duchess. But they already know who it is. After she's gone, they badmouth about her. In the matchmaking, oh ! the massage is changed !!! So the king, Lee soon (LS) meets OJ. Ah ~ now i know why she is in here! the duchess who ordered her traditional clothes is actually going to matchmake with SY and give a order to make traditional clothes. OJ makes money to solve her mother from the owner. The parental cousin, Jang Hyeon (JH) block it everytime because he wants to make the world in his hands with her. OJ doesn't like it so she just runs away. Actually his daugher is a court lady who has to love only the king, His father made her to do that. She hugs him to his bosom..but they are found this....so she was tortured.. In old days, OJ and her family who are slaves are pleased to help themselves from traditional policemen. JH hands out a lot of treasure to save her daughter. Beok lord throws it away because he thinks status is the most important thing in this society...before people. From then, he feels angry about caste system. Therefore, he is planing to conspire rise in revolt. When she was young, her mother was captured from the policemen ...and she made the clothes for dead people for his father. After his death, JH looks her with the warm view. JH: You are JOJ, right? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish ! Wow Kim tae hee wearing the traditional clothes is really beautiful ! Now i really want to buy it!!!!!!!! Everyone, Is there any words or phrases that you don't understand, please ask me via the comment ^.^
@prozerpina oh really? me too i'm a university student hehe in korea my major is arabic. i think this drama help you study Korean culture more interesting but the thing you have to keep in mind is that this drama is based on the fact but not 100% fact.
i 'm studying in the university now Korean History,culture and language-so these artisic creativity is a valueable visual completion for me.
I did some research and the story seems very interesting. I'm really looking forward to seeing this .drama. I read that this drama will be centered on the romance surrounding J.O.J. So excited ..
@Nayannie me too i heard they put a lotof money about their clothes especially for OJ. i really want to get it!!! and what do ypu rhink about their story? actually JOJ is real name of Jang hee bean who is considered a bizzare case of temptness
Hello. Just watch both episodes and I loved them also Yoon Ah is one of my favorite actors the story line seems very interesting.and I was really impressed with the beautiful clothing. I cann't wait too see the next ep. . ; )
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