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Am I the only one who will stack an endless amount of blankets on my bed before trying to mess with my central heating? Ain't nobody got money for that.
this is why iblove my sleeping bag -40 degrees haha
I hope the creator of this comic knows about this and is okay with it, cause I happen to know him
Oh yeah, this baby goes on camping trips with me and plus I live in the mountains so it's super nice to have when it gets freezing
@danidee Oh okay! It's just that I'm also a webcomic artist and we have to be careful about our content and make sure people don't use it without are okay.
I have 12 people living in my small ass 2 bedroom apartment and my mom does not like turning on the heater because who needs a heating source wen you have 8 other siblings walking around being useless and a mother who loves to cook all day every day! my house is literally an igloo. starts of cold but it gets so warm that ur burning. My grandpa's and grandma's room is always cold tho.....
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