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5. Attack on Titan: Just because its on 5th place dosent mean I dont like it that much. In fact I like this anime a lot. When I saw the trailer of it, I was like wow I have to see this anime. Thats what everyone tought too. For that, it became super famous. The reason its 5th place its because is super violent. There is lots of blood, when ever Eren and his friends kill all the titans and I dont like violent and blood, but its still a good and intresting anime.
4. Akame ga Kill: Same goes like Attack on Titan. Its 4th place because there is lots of mudering, but they do it to fight evil and save people, but still the character like to kill a lot. Very violent anime.
3. No Game No Life: The name says it all if there's no game, there's no life. The reason I like this anime is because I love games.(Im a gamer) Not only that but I also like this anime because of Sora and Shiro. They are siblings but they have this wierd relation ship, but I like it. They always want to be togheter almost like they're boyfriends, but no. They just love each other as siblings and I think that's cute.
2. Fairy Tail: One of my favorite animes. This anime is all about friendship. Natsu, Lucy and the others treat each other as family. I wish i was like that with my friends. This anime help me how to love and protect my friends and family. That's why everybody loves this anime; is so heart touching. ♡
1. BLEACH: Now BLEACH! My favorite anime in the hole wide world! There's a billion reasons why I love this anime so much. BLEACH is the anime that made me an anime addicted. I love BLEACH a lot because of Ichigo he is the most amazing guy ever! He is all about protecting his friends and family. He risk his life to become a shinigami in order to save evrybody he love, but at the end, he ended up saveing the whole world. Thank you Ichigo. ♥ The anime is also very interesting and funny. Im like obsessed with this master pieace of anime.♥♥
So there you go. My top 5 Favorite animes. What are your top 5 anime?
I just wish Bleach had handled itself better. the current arc is absurd
@KiraHitomi oh definitely. I don't disagree with you that anime preference is a matter of personal taste. That's why we luckily have so many genres. I just was pointing out that across multiple genres, there are older show worth watching (many of which inspired the modern shows)
1. Akame Ga Kill 2. Charlotte 3. Vampire Knight 4. Crescent Love 5. Another (not in that order)
Very hard, but I'll try.... 5. K 4. Deadman Wonderland 3. Bleach 2. Soul Eater 1. Either Rosario Vampire or Sword Art Online (can't decide which)
5. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya 4. Deadman Wonderland 3. Future Diary 2. Sailor Moon 1. Sword Art Online That's what I have off the top of my head. There are do many amines I liked.
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