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Who else isn't completely enthralled by this wedding picture by Melissa Mercado?! Both the bride and the groom are a bit overwhelmed by the moment and it's so special! You can imagine the roller coaster of emotions, all leading up to this one moment, and it's gotta be incredible to just let out the tears and know that your soulmate is yours--completely and utterly--forever!
Recently, a Vingler gushed about something that happened to her VERY RECENTLY: She officially has FALLEN IN LOVE! Pretty awesome and crazy because I remember a time (not long ago) when lil' miss @Allobaber was torn about her feelings for a boy that we all knew nothing about. She was being so secretive about him.
I won't spoil HER STORY by giving all the details, so you will have to click here to read about her weekend with him...the haircut...the movie quote and more!
I have a very good feeling that the next couple tearing up, exchanging vows, will be @Allobaber and what's his name (???)!
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Hahahahaha. I AM blessed, @ButterflyBlu!! I would venture to say we both are ;) hehe. Believe it or not, I since have shown some of my Vingle cards to my mystery man, and guess whose comments he liked best? :D He was like, "I really like ButterflyBlu. I like a lot of what she has to say." LOL! So there you go, Stacey. Proof that you're the actual best. ^.^ <3
And @marshalledgar I LOVE that photograph. I know I'm going to look exactly like that (crying) at my wedding haha. Let me link you to the card with all the juicy details: :)
@AlloBaber yes ma'am, I think we are. ^.^ It's a beautiful thing!! OMG. Are you serious?! Dawwww! I feel like my heart could explode right now with crazy happiness!! 馃挏馃挏馃挏 So awesome. :D I'm constantly reading random cards to Rob, sending him pictures, asking his opinion. He's not big on social media, but he's a big on listening to me talk. lol smh. *sigh* Don't worry. I cried during my wedding and I have no doubt it'll probably be way worse if I get around to a second time. :P
@ButterflyBlu Hahahaha awwww <3 <3 <3 ^.^ Tell him I say hello one of these days!! And (if you wish) that I've heard a lot about him... oh man I just know the tears are going to be flowing BIG TIME at my wedding. But who can blame us?? It's a lot for a girl to take in...
@AlloBaber ^.^ I certainly will! I've told him lots about random friends on here. (DEFINITELY YOU. Considering. Lol) It IS a lot for us to take in. It's like the culmination of something beautiful. It's emotional and intimate. It's really an amazing moment and special for each couple. 馃挏馃挏馃挏