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The Noragami Aragoto production committee issued a statement on Saturday saying that it has come to their attention that the anime's soundtrack contains improper usage of sounds related to Islam. As a result, the committee has recalled the second Noragamianime soundtrack and delayed the first Noragami Aragoto DVD and Blu-ray disc sets. "At no point in the production process was it our intention to insult Islam or its followers, or to commit sacrilege, with this use of sound," the statement read. "However, we had not confirmed the meaning of these sounds, and the result was a lack of consideration for Islam and its followers." The production committee apologized to Muslims and other concerned parties, and promised to show more consideration and caution in the future.
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the year 2015 the year everything offends everyone
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@NicolasSatterwh there are things we should care about but this year it's just ridiculous. people just need to say we loved the sound and it was amazing which was an honor for us to put in our anime the end. I don't really think sound can be owned anyway I can easily jam some cords and find out later someone in Romania already claimed that sound lol
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damn, this sucks. it's unfortunate that the ysampled islamic sounds poorly. people need to take better care when they use culturally significant things
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@KeyshawnDalton that's a terrible thing to say, and wildly untrue. @IanVistan @BradleyTroup there's no need to be hateful about the religion. it's not like anyone forced them to cancel it, they determined themselves it was offensive.
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at least they did the right thing
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