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I'm really going to cry when TOP goes to the army. Despite not being my bias, I appreciate him and his role in Big Bang. He is literally the funniest member in Big Bang and I really can't imagine how everyone will feel, not seeing his weirdness everyday. He posts waaaay to much on IG but that's ok. He dances like an old man... but so do I. I'm still literally trying to figure out why he's single... like... if GD wasn't my Ultimate Bias, I would tap his ass (xD). But in all seriousness, all kpop fans, not just VIPs or YGstans, the whole kpop community should flood his social media of their experience listening to his music and getting to know him on variety shows. Tell him how much he means to you. It may make him cry but you know what, grandpa needs to know how much the world loves him and how we will always be here, waiting for him to come back. *tears* I really love Big Bang. They were my first kpop group over seven years ago and I don't even know if they've been out for seven years... I just know I always followed them on all social media, even on korean apps that I literally didn't know how to use but somehow figured it out since I'm not fluent in korean yet. 오빠 사랑헤요 !!!
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😍😍😍 I wish I could make him not single! lol Yes I will miss him too when he goes to the military. I wish they didn't have to but that's how it is over there.