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Today's letter is R!

It looks like this: ㄹ

Say it a few times and trace it with your finger:
ㄹ ㄹ ㄹ! R R R!

Check out an easy way to remember it here:

It looks like a RAMEN noodle, right?!

Slide to the right to see it transform!





Things that start with ㄹ:

Ramen (라면)

Ravi (라비)

Do you recognize the last two letters we've learned?

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ㅂ and ㄴ?

Well, you can find all three of these letters (ㅂ, ㄴ, ㄹ) in this word:

Noraebang (노래방)

Can you find all three of the letters we've learned?

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@emilyanpham14 and @lovebluecolor asked a good question: isn't ㄹ also an "L" sound?

When the ㄹ is singular (not next to another ㄹ) such as 사랑, 싫어, 라비 it is a soft R sound (try to find the happy medium between an R and an L haha)
When the ㄹ is next to another ㄹ such as 할래 or 할로윈 it is more of an L sound :D
i will love to be tag 😃
i didn't know that about the singular/plural ㄹ!! I'm understanding more and more and these cards are really helping me~
@emilyanpham14 @lovebluecolor @romsalina @RainaC3 I added the explanation to the card! Thanks for asking^^
Wow didn't know R was so easy. Awesome!
Thank you for tagging~ Here are some words with from my notebook : positions* 오른쪽 [ (to the) right] 아래 [ (to be) under] *fruit* 귤 [tangerine] 오늘 [today]
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