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Hello wonderful anime fam ( waves)! anyways Christmas is coming up and some of you might not know what to get your anime loving friends, boy friend, girl friend ECT so i thought id help and give you some ideas! everyday until December 20th ill make a card showing anime/gamer gifts ideas...i know some people have a time trying to figure out to give so that's one of the main reasons im doing this!
so anyway each card will have 2 gift recommendations! sorry i missed yesterdays card had school work to do.

gamer/ anime coffee mugs anyone?

Therese a ton of anime/ gamer coffee mugs some are shaped cool and then some change colors when touched with heat then cools back down when nothings in it that's hot or if you run over it with some cold water( see picture 2) !!

these mugs are priced around 10 - 15$ (could be more if you buy a collectible)
you can find these mugs sometimes in hot topic or in fye (for your entertainment) but you mainly can find these online! if you shop online there's plenty to choose from and to by from!!

Relationship jewelry/ friendship for those anime/ game lovers!!

this jewelry cost just as much an any normal piece jewelry so its not that expensive (depending on whats it made of) there's many matching sets such as these tat you can find online! you can find these sets and more online on many differences websites such as esty, ebay and amazon.

Anime water color canvas/posters

these cute and awesome posters are cheep and beautiful!!! there's tons and tons of these from off of esty and they are only 7.00$ each!! (excluding s & h)
they have almost anime anime and many game ones as well !!!

( special buy one get one free deal going on right now so hurry and don't miss it!!)

just search their shop for the anime you want!!

@tayhar18920 honestly I'd give one to my gf. it could be or not be an engagement ring, either way. still want 'em XD
@VinMcCarthy haha their engagement rings but I decided to put them on here because they don't have to be used for engagement! They're extremely cute , i plan on getting me & a Friend them!
@hikaymm haha glad to hear I'm doing the same thing also!😄
Why do you have such great ideas XD i love these! Now i just need these all in a collection for me to send my family like "one of each, please"
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