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@LAVONYORK tagged me in a special Christmas challenge for anyone who is super involved in a fandom. Basically, she asked us to make a Christmas list of things that we'd want for Christmas based on which fandoms we belong to. I have a lot of different things I'm a huge fan of, but don't really talk about much on here, so be prepared to learn a lot of weird things about what I'm obsessed with.

So, without further ado, let's go!

Whether it's the movies, the TV shows, or even K-Pop, I'm obsessed with Korean pop culture - and no one is more internationally famous than PSY. The moment I saw that he had his own Pop! Rocks figurine, I was instantly in love. I NEED THIS.
Back when I was small @danidee, my dream was to be a writer for Saturday Night Live. I have a bunch of the seasons on DVD, and I'm a little obsessed with all the greats from the show's run - Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Horatio Sanz, and Ana Gasteyer especially. Stefon is one of my favorite SNL characters, so this glass is totally on the list.
If you're active in the Funny community, you must know that I'm a huge fan of the show 'Rick & Morty'. My favorite 'alien' is Mr. Meeseeks, so when I saw this girl selling Meeseeks hats on Reddit, I was so excited. I'M MR. MEESEEKS, LOOK AT MEEEE!!!
I know I wrote about my collection of Lando Calrissians before, but I really love collecting 'Star Wars'-related things. I also like collecting obscure string lights. I've had dancing skeleton string lights, lucky cat string lights, and would love to add these super cute Stormtrooper string lights to my collection.
This one is kind of a wild card, but I love the TV show 'Downton Abbey'. One of my friends got me to watch it a couple years back, and I watch it pretty religiously. Mostly because Maggie Smith is forever the most badass woman to live. Republic of Tea made an entire line of 'Downton Abbey'-themed teas, and I need them, y'all. I NEED them.
I love contemporary and pop art, and one of my favorite low-brow surrealists is Gary Baseman. In the world of vinyl collectibles, he likes making 'Creamy' ice cream figurines. This time, he combined his standard 'Creamy' figurine with my favorite character of his, the wolfboy 'Ahwoo'. I can appreciate an ice cream cone that's also part werewolf.
I'm also a huge fan of 'The Simpsons', as anyone who has grown up with it should be! I have a friend who is a product designer for Sanrio in LA, and when she first showed me the Simpsons X Hello Kitty collaborative clothing line, I was like "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!" You guys, look at Homer and Krusty the Clown as Sanrio characters. My feels.

And that's my Fandom Christmas List for 2015! I hope you appreciate all the randomness. (And I also hope I'm not the only person on Vingle who watches 'Downton Abbey'. Because that would be embarrassing.)

@danidee ain't that the truth lol
@danidee I have fun with everything lol @shannon15 knows lmao
I don't even want anything for christmas. I don't see the point in making a list anymore because I know noone in my family will get me anything. but I do enjoy this list, it's adorable.
I'm all for funky hats.
I literally have so much I like that I sometimes draw blank memories and can't even think of most of it.
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