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May 23, 2012 An MBC staff tweeted at 9:36am KST that team A had finished filming completely. Ep 19 TV Caption Preview: BongGu is arrested after the gun battle! He is transferred to a jail but gets released right away… (ooo... that's why we have seen spoiler with Bong Gu wearing pajamas, damn he's alive) Meanwhile, a bomb attack suddenly occurs in the US! North Korea is suspected of the terrorism act, and Korea falls into a war crisis… cr:dctk2h, tryp96.wordpress.com
i know eh? this drama will kill us with suspense
thank you for sharing i woke up early for this
the last sentence of the preview makes it sound like a new arc lol. we're supposed to have an ending not beginning of another problem lol
you never know...
ahahahaha... what do you mean by that? they usually have a happy ending or a tragic one. Before, i could guess kdrama ending, but lately they make me confused and sometimes the ending is not like what i expected, but then, i'm just one person think that way though.
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