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I don't have the words to express what I'm currently feeling besides curse you Hiro Mashima!!! If you read the fairy tail manga or those who just watch the anime I encourage you to read the manga. Anyone wanna talk about it? Edit made by yours truly
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@Jayage I know that I was saying dang it to myself for reading the comments when I knew there would be spoilers
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Lol it happens @NatalieNguyen
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Happy had to drag Natsu away so ft can figure a way around the whole E.N.D business
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@clobbersaurus yey and do you remember when erza was gonna die and nats would let that happen and he made her promise or when natsu stopped gray from using ice she'll twice and happy stopping natsu shows that bond everyone shares
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yeah I do. ain't no way anyone in guild gonna let a friend die
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