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Hey guys! I'm new on this app, and I love BTS. So here is where I'm gonna post about them. I'm still getting used to using this app, but so far I really like it. I hope to at least make a few friends and I hope to have fun here. I'll try to post here once or twice daily. I'll see how this goes! BTS 화이팅!!! ❤
haha yes bts is love mine love of life is v haha
WELCOME NEW FRIEND!!!! :D I love BTS too!!!! <3333 I hope we can become good friends!!! (Everyone here is super nice so I'm sure you'll love it!!!)
HELLO! I'm pretty late for your welcome but better late than never! You'll like it on here it's the best decision you'll probably ever make 😜
Welcome! I think yoy will really like it here. Everyone is pretty free to like whatever groups they like without any criticism. There isn't very much bad language, most people try to keep it clean. And we get a chance to hang with others that like kpop as much as we do. We are a little out there sometimes, but hey, it's all good clean fun.
Welcome!!! We go Bangtan crazy here so you'll fit right in!!!!
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