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I have a friend who became so strong through her life ordeals,
Picked up pieces of herself while other would squeal about how
Messed up their life was, including myself as a young lad,
All I ever had was the mom that was both my mom and my dad,
I always complained about my life, but I never really too much about
It, Her however, went off to school and got away from the bad parts
Of town, I was glad to call her one of my true friends because I went
Through hell and back in a mental state of mind that in due time would
Unwind into this piece of work that is spectacular, but yet confident
There was a time where she lost someone very dear to her at a young
Age, forever engraved the thought of a horrible image from that particular
Day, She had so much strength to become a outspoken person while
Like many of us, became quiet and conformed from the thought of
Feeling embarrassed, feeling resented, or feeling outkasted
Speaking our minds and delivering our actions was something that
Was not common in our community, we were immune to these things
That makes us human, that makes us whole, lives spinning out of
Control, But not her though, She was tough as nails as the storm
Hailed knives and swords, She couldn't be sliced as she walked though,
She could only be pierced and stabbed, but that didn't her from living
She was a giving person as I got to know her, The heart that I too yearned
To have equipped in my rib-cage, She had a love for the complexity of
The mind, Psychology is her major in college and she makes her ends
Meet, I would have never thought that I would have go down the stretch
To see that in order to have the heart of a champion that I would take
Courage to step up for what you believe in, recognize your internal
Interests, Build others up like sand castles on the beach and watch
How the works of psychology can produce a mass effect of life
That can enhance creativity with all the things that inevitably improve
As you see the vibes intertwined within the circle of our friendship,
As I now grow older, I see why she always stuck around to talk to me,
Kept in touch with me, I saw the potential in her and she saw the
Potential in me as well, She knew that our bond could not be broken,
She knew that it would all make sense to me in due time, That is why
I dedicate this to her, She has became so strong and I just want to
Acknowledge her accomplishments and acknowledge that she got
The heart of a born champion and the soul for her companion
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