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Welcome back to Make your Own Challenge. Today we are doing another challenge. But this time it's a game Challenge. So Let's have fun and play, Rules: 1.)I'm give you six different things that have to be in your game. 2.)This six things will have to be in your game. 3.)You can make the game any way you want. So this is the rules, and also there will be a winner in this game too. there will be a 1st, 2nd, and a 3rd winner. The way for you to win is by how many likes you get okay. So Let's Play Make Your Own... Challenge **The deadline of this Challenge is Saturday and the winner will be announced Sunday I'll let you know the time. kk**
1.)You have to have three different guy that your players can choose from. One of this three guys will be their lover okay.
2.)Make a place were they met or were how they met or when did they met. Like the one we played with our last one.
3.) The JOKER card haha. Well the joker card is were you can miss with the player mind or play a little joke!!
4.) 1 and 4 are kinda the same but with 4 you have three different guys that are trying to take you away, or accidentally slept with but didn't mean anything.
5.) Have the players pick a happy, Sad, or a crazy ending. Make sure that they only pick one.
6.) Make a Story about it but have the players fill in the blanks. Have the player start from 1-6. And then write it but don't put any girls name in it. You can put the guys name just switch it up kk **Bonus You have to a least have one or as many death screen in it.**
Yes every body there will be a winner in my challenge like last time. and just like last time you get to work with me on my next challenge. and also if you need any help to understand the challenge you can message me and emealia. Okay. Emealia will be picking the winners this time. @Emealia I wanna thank you for helping out and congrats for winning the last one. Let the best game win. @KellyOConnor @Thepinkprincess @VerioncaArtonia @KpopGaby @Bitterlimelight @amandamuska @AimeeH please tag people and let them know the challenge is up and popping lol **When you make your card please tag me in it so I can put it in make your own... Challenge kk**
Good luck everyone!
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I will try my best but I doubt it will be very good but who knows
Lol so could I get an example? like someone tag me in a post for this so I have a little bit of a better idea? I'm really tired so me being really tired isn't going to make me bright today
Kind of wish I would have done the fan fic one lol
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