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FABULOUS IN BLUE! This Carol Hannah gown is nothing less than STUNNING! Who else is looking at this and is actually thinking about wearing color, instead of white, for your big day?! Look at the layers of fabric. There's a two-tone blue happening here. Mixed with the lighting, there's just so much movement, draping and beauty with this! Totally gushing here because it's GORGEOUS!
Here's a bit of a close up look at the fabric. You can see bits of purple, green and gray. It's voluminous without swallowing the model. She's totally owning this look and killing it! You can do this too!
Click here for more amazing gowns that will leave you wanting more, more, more!!!
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wow, tell me more about this nationals costume event @ButterflyBlu. I competed for costume design in HS for district thespian competition. both years I competed, I took home superior ratings, which is the highest individual score. plus, I took home Critics choice award both years for outstanding design. no other person in the district had ever achieved that level.
@marshalledgar whooooa! I should have YOU designing my costumes!! You're amazing! I would Love to see your designs! I am actually competing in a dance competition (eh, two actually) with my dance partner. We also have several teams of our students competing. We have a couple here who make all of our costumes. They're very nice and capable, but... Not super creative. :/ I wind up sketching the ideas out with the help of my partner and then they make them. The costume does contribute in the competition, so I don't want them to be pedestrian, but unique and complementary to each routine/song.
what types of dances and what's the music? also, what do your costumes look like? I would love to see
I compete in contemporary and ballet. We have teams in ballet, contemporary, jazz, and hip hop. The music changes at every competition stop. Sometimes we reuse costume pieces, but never entire costumes unless we are performing the entire routine again, which we do in exhibitions and such. I don't have pictures of all of them yet. Our main routine's costume is pretty simple. It's a white, long sleeved crop top with a long white skirt that's split open in the front (white "boy shorts" underneath). The skirt looks like it ties on, but it's an illusion. ;) Rob is wearing white pajama style pants with a drawstring. That routine is to Lullaby by The Spill Canvas. We're showing that routine and two others to our sponsor at their convention this weekend. He will give us pointers and help where he thinks we need help, etc. Hopefully he likes it! Do you design for a living? @marshalledgar
sounds incredible @ButterflyBlu. please write a card on it when it's completed. I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in this. how exciting that you have a sponsor. no, I don't design professionally, though, it would be cool!