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Only a few pictures, just wanted to give a shout out to all those students out there taking finals this week or next week, (or anytime soon.) I wish you good luck. I have a Japanese oral exam this week, I'm dying trying to remember what I have to ask. Plus I have a biology lab exam I have to take by next Monday. Then next week is the Japanese paper exam and it's cumulative, someone wish me luck I'm horrible at the grammar this year! Then I have my in-class biology exam. It's going to be a bad week lol. Anyways I wish everyone else luck on their exams too!
@Ercurrent as long as I don't pass out or throw up.... those are to very real possibilities that have happened before..... 'I call upon the power of f(x)'...... and vixx and bts and bigbang and block b and superjunior and aoa and 2ne1 and clc and every other group ever....
Good luck !!
next week is finals I'm soo ready for this!!
@Ercurrent ten minutes left.... I've had to lecture like six people already about arguing because I'm like what the fudge nuggets.... imma start slapping bitches
The minus 20 minutes until me second to last final and it's a presentation. wish me luck! congrats to those who have finished I'm sure you all ACED everything!!!! good luck and fighting to people who still have finals!!!!!
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