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VIXX/Final Exams
Only a few pictures, just wanted to give a shout out to all those students out there taking finals this week or next week, (or anytime soon.) I wish you good luck. I have a Japanese oral exam this week, I'm dying trying to remember what I have to ask. Plus I have a biology lab exam I have to take by next Monday. Then next week is the Japanese paper exam and it's cumulative, someone wish me luck I'm horrible at the grammar this year! Then I have my in-class biology exam. It's going to be a bad week lol. Anyways I wish everyone else luck on their exams too!
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@ScYrRyL36 I finished all mine on Tuesday. I passed all of them but my biology lecture one! I still passed all my classes though, thankfully!
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@ChaErica yay!! that's good! mine ends this coming Tuesday , so far I passed my English and PE next comes music appreciation, math(integrated math), science , and finally history............. so much studying!! but oh well
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@ScYrRyL36 I passed my Japanese exam with a way better grade than I was hoping for, then the same thing happened with my biology lab exam (I got a freaking 90% on it. idk how I didn't pass my biology lecture one.) and then my computer science professor talked the department into cancelling the final and they did. So we didn't have to take one! Good luck on your finals that are coming up, and congrats on the ones you passed!!
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@ChaErica good job tho for tryin thank u ur soo nice!! nice talkin to ya!
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@ScYrRyL36 thanks too! You're really nice as well! It was really nice talking to you too!
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