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This video is odd. Incredible, but odd.
The internet is having one of its finer moments this week, spurting out this piece of magic via the YouTube account of a creative and bored dutch person called Matthijs Vlot.
Vlot has taken Adele's "Hello" and re-created it by using hundreds of clips from the most incredible movies you can think of.
Wayne's World, The Truman Show, Charlie's Angels, The Prestige, The Island, Anchorman, The Matrix, The Beach, Batman & Robin, Star Wars.. even Big Bird makes an appearance in this video.
After watching this, you will think two things about Mr. Vlot:
1-Vlot has too much time on his hands.
2-Vlot is a genius.
Funny thing about this is I can't wait to see what song he gives this visual treatment to next!
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this was actually pretty cool.