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This is my first ever fanfic, I hope you like it. I also hope it makes sense. I wrote it differently than most fanfics... I'm also dyslexic so I hope I didn't mess up or make something too confusing! I hope you enjoy Junior fanfic part one!
“Give it up for (Y/N), Winter, Ranae, J.J, and Soapy from rookie group Ddubblebubble! Do not forget to check out their new MV and single Supreme! Have a great day my lovelies!” The MC waved goodbye to the camera as everyone bowed and left the stage. (Y/N) went straight for the water bottle that was waiting for her on the table backstage. She noticed that there was a box of strawberry pocky with her name on it on another table. (Y/N) made her way over to her pocky, pushing through those in her way. Right before she could reach for her pocky, somebody from behind grabbed her wrist pulling her in for a hug. Even though her eyes were closed, she knew exactly who it was by the smell of his shirt. “Oppa!” (Y/N) clung onto him tightly. He picked her up and spun her around. She grabbed his collar and pulled him in for a kiss. “But you told me you wouldn’t be able to make it.” (Y/N) cutely pouted her lips, showing off some aegyo. “I wouldn’t miss this for the world! You were absolutely amazing, just like always. I asked the boys if I could take some time off so I could be with you.” Junior cheered as he grabbed the pocky from behind (Y/N). “Do you mind if i try something?” (Y/N) giggled and shook her head. Junior placed one end of the pocky on your lips and put his on the other end. As his lips drew closer to hers, she began to blush. Soon the pocky disappeared, and they began to kiss. He placed one hand on her cheek and she placed hers on his jawline. “Dude we were great out there!” J.J interrupted. (Y/N) immediately began to blush and Junior ran his fingers through his hair. “Oh, did I come at a bad time?”J.J teased. Winter ran over and jumped onto Juniors back. “HELLO FRIEND! Long time no see!” She hugged his neck. “I thought you got bored of us. And I haven’t been hearing (Y/N) staying up all night talking to you.” “How could I possibly get bored of you guys?! You are a part of my girlfriend’s group, therefor you are my friends as well! I’ve just been busy with our Confession Song and all. Also, Winter, shouldn’t you be busy being someone else’s backpack, like maybe your boyfriend’s?” Junior smiled. “Sadly, LuHan Oppa couldn’t make it.” Winter hopped off of Juniors back. “Don’t worry, Boo. I’ll be your shoulder straps and you can be my backpack!” Soapy sang. “그때로다시돌아가고!“ J.J, Winter, (Y/N), Soapy and Ranae sang in unison and then let out a laugh. “How about we go out and celebrate? Dinner? I’ll pay!” Ranae offered. Everyone cheered as they packed up their things and left. “(Y/N) and I have other plans. but we will catch up with you later!” Junior grabbed your wrist and they ran to his car waving goodbye to the group.
Ahhhh! Sorry I'm so awkward... I hope it was still enjoyable... I'm probably going to go to sleep soon before I regret my decision of posting this 🙈 @ercurrent @Emealia @destiny1419 @Kpopandkimchi @RihannaTiaMay @B1A4BTS5ever @baekyeol27 @thePinkPrincess @OliviaZenger @AimeeH @SaraVanDorn @tayunnie @KpopGaby @KellyOConnor @DeniseiaGardner @Jiyongixoxo I don't know who all likes and reads fanfics, so maybe some of you guys could help me with tagging people? Okay, well I'm going to hide under a blanket and push the done button... Here I go... Ahh 🙈
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That was really cute and you did great! I'm dyslexic too so I know it can be really difficult at times, but keep at it and you can do it!
This was cute!! I loved it!
It's so cute :)
I LOVED it😝 I want more!
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