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Egg Salad Sandwich:


tamago salada sandowitchi
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@hikaymm the la in salada and the t is standing alone in witchi which isn't impossible I have my books and have checked them over and over there is simply no way that the romaji is right but if you believe it is right who am I to stop one from that?
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@14gamergirl28 I'm not saying it's right or wrong, haha, I just am not familiar ^^ I only learned the word as my friend taught it to me, so I'm not sure of any other way it would be
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@14gamergirl28 hmm, it seems it's usually written like this? 卵サラダサンドイッチ I think my friend was trying to make it easier to read for me, lol, or she just learned it differently herself...hmm
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Ok I apologize if I come off rude or as a know it all. I just don't want people saying the wrong thing (if it is)
2 years ago·Reply
@14gamergirl28 No no it's ok, I would rather figure out the right way, too, so that people can learn the right thing ^-^
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