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It's been almost two decades since viewers said their goodbyes to 'Seinfeld', but this hilariously wry television show remains one of the all-time most watched situational comedies of all time. I know we've got some diehard 'Seinfeld' fans here on Vingle (what's up, @jordanhamilton?), but do you think you know EVERYTHING about TV show?

Test your knowledge with these six funny 'Seinfeld' facts!

The 'Soup Nazi' episode got the 'Seinfeld' cast and crew kicked out of the REAL Soup Nazi's restaurant.

The tyrannical 'Soup Nazi' character was based on Al Yeganeh, owner of Manhattan's Soup Kitchen International, who kicked the whole crew out when they went to get soup a few weeks after the episode aired. Apparently, you can't just call someone a Nazi and except to walk away from it scotch-free.

There's an episode where the 'Seinfeld' theme has lyrics!

During one episode 'The Note' (Season 3, episode 1), you can hear scat-like singing over the show's iconic bass-heavy theme song. Apparently, it was a test change that didn't really stick, as when the episode aired, network executives weren't all too pleased.

Kramer was so popular that he required volume control!

During the height of the show's popularity, Kramer was such a huge star on the show that he would receive a huge reaction from the live audience every time he came out to do a scene. The response was SO big that staff had to work as volume control to get audience to reel back the enthusiasm - both to keep the actors focused and to maintain the show's timing!

Seinfeld really, really liked eating cereal.

One of the most iconic things about Jerry's apartment was just how many cereal boxes there were in his over-the-sink kitchen cabinet. By the end of the series, there were exactly a dozen boxes: Honeycomb, Frosted Shredded Wheat, Grape-Nuts, Honey-Nut Shredded Wheat, Waffle Crisps, Shredded Wheat (Spoon Size), Honey Bunches of Oats, another box of Frosted Shredded Wheat, Bits'N'Pieces, Blueberry Morning, Golden Multi-Grain Flakes, and Froot Loops.

There was almost no Elaine!

Elaine was not in the pilot, which was written during a time when Julia wasn't even cast for a role! The main leading lady was supposed to be a waitress named Claire, played by actress Lee Garlington, who was dropped when the show was picked up for a full season.

The REAL Kramer has his own NYC tour for 'Seinfeld' fans!

For $40 a person, Michael Kramer (the man who inspired the show's character Kosmo Kramer) will take you on a three-hour tour of popular 'Seinfeld' sites, including the exact diner where co-creator Larry David pitched the idea for the show to Jerry Seinfeld.

I hope you appreciated my card! Look forward to more Fast & Funny Facts in my Memes for Millennials collection soon!

That is a lot! Lol I don't blame him though, if it's the frosted kind it is amazing!!
@jordanhamilton FOUR BOXES of Shredded Wheat though.
@jordanhamilton I like that he eats Blueberry Morning too. I haven't eaten Blueberry Morning cereal since I was in middle school. I'm not even so sure it still exists.
@InPlainSight George likes his chicken spicy.
This card is making me thirsty
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