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The Queen has finally arrived.

These days if you aren't on social media than you're somewhat out of the loop because that's the way society is set up. Although she is a late bloomer to the world of social media, the queen of fashion, Donatella Versace has officially joined the world of Instagram. Who else can join a social media platform and gain nearly 50K followers in the same day?
The designer herself didn't waste anytime when it came to uploading photos, posting two with model Gigi Hadid [seen above]. She added a caption that was both simple and sweet saying: 'Hey guys, here I am! x#TeamDV @gigihadid [sic]'. You can already guess how many likes that picture received? You can follow Donatella [here], but don't look for a follow back -- like most celebs she is only following two other accounts which happen to be Versace affiliated. Who say's you have to afford the clothing to enjoy the images? Welcome the misses of Versace with open arms. You can leave a comment under her pictures, she might not reply -- but chances are she'll see it.